Black belt, 1st Dan syllabus - Ninjutsu

By Yossi Sheriff

The contents of this page have been depreciated, updated and moved to fifth level ninjutsu, black belt

The belt degree requirements previously outlined on these pages served as the foundational framework for AKBAN's Ninjutsu training for many years. These guidelines have not only inspired but have also been directly adopted by various other organizations. While we have since transitioned to the more evolved AKBAN Levels Grading System, we've chosen to preserve these original belt requirements as a historical resource for those who may find them useful.

Black belt, 初段, Shodan, or 1st Dan, page lists all the video of the Ninjutsu techniques required in the AKBAN academy to pass graduation. This exam includes all the material from the previous belt exams.

A regular time-frame to gain the expertise for the Shodan test in AKBAN is about 12 years. The exam is conducted with the founder and senior instructors. Any examiner can veto down the exam even if the majority ruled otherwise. In case of a veto the practitioner does not pass at that date.

The Black belt Belt exam marks the culmination of a long effort but does not necessarily mark the end of the practice.

Ninjutsu Grade syllabus
First level (Yellow)
Second level (Orange)
Third level (Green)
Fourth level (Blue-Brown)
Fifth level (Black)<

Fitness - Black belt

Kamae 構, combat stances - Black belt

Fudoza, sitting combat stance
Fudoza no Kamae - Ninjutsu  
Bobi no kamae low stance Ninjutsu
Bobi no Kamae - Ninjutsu  
Jumonji no kamae, crossed handes combat stance
Jumonji no kamae - Ninjutsu  
Doko ichi mon ji no kamae, angry tiger stance
Doko ichimonji no Kamae - Ninjutsu  
Hanin no kamae Ninjutsu
Hanin no Kamae - Ninjutsu  
Hicho no kamae, bird combat stance
Hicho no kamae - Ninjutsu  
Hira ichimon ji no kamae
Hira ichimonji no Kamae - Ninjutsu  
Hoko no kamae Ninjutsu
Hoko no Kamae - Ninjutsu  
Ichimonji no kamae
Ichimonji No kamae - Ninjutsu  
Kosei no kamae
Kosei no Kamae - Ninjutsu  
Seigan no kamae Ninjutsu
Seigan no Kamae - Ninjutsu  
seza no kamae, bird combat stance
Seza No kamae- Ninjutsu  
Hira no kamae
Hira no Kamae - Ninjutsu  
Hira no kamae Ninjutsu
Shizentai No kamae- Ninjutsu  
Shizentai no kamae
Bobi No kamae - Ninjutsu  
Bobi no kamae, defense combat stance
Totoku No kamae- Ninjutsu  

Moto gata and Kihon Happo

Daken 打拳体術, striking and punching - Black belt

Geri, Kicks 蹴, Using the legs to strike - Black belt

Kansetsu-waza 関節技, joint locks - Black belt

Sabaki 捌, Movement and evasion - Black belt

Kaiten 廻転, Ukemi 受身, rolls and breakfalls - Black belt

Chokes, 絞技, Shime waza - Black belt

Nage waza 投げ技, throws - black belt

Weapons - Black belt

Hanbo 半棒, short stick

Tanto 短刀, knife

Attacking from these stances:

Kusari 鎖, chain

Osaekomi-waza 押込技, pins or holds - Black belt

kata 型, forms - Ninjutsu Black belt

Randori - Black belt

  • Against two opponents

Seishin teki kyo yo

  • 20 minutes zazen
  • Dojo work

General requirements


  • Mondo
  • First, second, third, fourth and fifth timings