Ninjutsu Throws

By Yossi Sheriff

All the Ninjutsu Throws (投げ技), videos on this article are specialized techniques that use grappling to unbalance a combatant. Throws are aimed to propel the opponent through the air and put him to the ground.

Throws (הטלות), usually utilize an unbalancing of the opponent in several ways:

  1. Using the legs to block the opponent's legs while applying a pushing or pulling action to the torso. These throws are called in Japanese martial arts as Throws using Foot techniques (Ashi waza‎).
  2. Using the hands with a strong pulling or pushing action to unbalance the opponent in such a way that he can not correct his center of balance by stepping. These throws are grouped as Throws using hand techniques (Te waza).
  3. Using the hips as a fulcrum point to rotate or lift and rotate the opponent's torso or waist. These throws are called Hip throwing techniques (Koshi waza).
  4. If the the act of unbalancing and throwing nessecitates an intentional falling action on part of the thrower then the throw is considered a sacrifice throw (Sutemi waza).

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