Hip sweep

By Yossi Sheriff

Hip sweep is a basic sweep from the guard aimed at pushing the opponent on his side and obtaining [[::Category:Attack from Mount|mount]]. It can also be used as a setup for many other techniques. This technique forms a part of the syllabus of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Ninjutsu.

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This sweep is best executed when the opponent does not put any weight on you. For example, if you attempt a cross choke his defense may be to push you down and to put all his weight on his knees.

Description of Hip sweep

  1. The setup: your opponent does not have weight on you. In one motion, open your guard, post your left leg and your right arm on the mat. In the same motion your left arm goes across his body to grab his left sleeve while your left armpit locks his left bicep.
  2. The sweep: using your right hand and right knee as base, push with your left leg and perform a twisting motion with your hips. Your eyes should focus to look at to the right in the direction that is exactly opposite to the direction you were when you started the sweep.
  3. The sweep ends by mounting your opponent at exactly the opposite direction of your initial guard position. Once mounted, maintain a tight grip with your knees until you establish a good position.

Video of the Hip sweep technique


קישור לסוויפ ירך, היפ סויפ

This technique is part of Ninjutsu Grade requirements syllabus Yellow belt grade requirements, Orange belt grade requirements