Yume makura no kata, Sabaki Gata level, Kukishin Ryu

By Yossi Sheriff

Video of Yume Makura kata - Kukishinden ryu

Video of Yume-makura no kata - Kukishinden Ryu

Yume makura (夢枕), (Dream pillow), (יומה מקורה), is a Kata.

This form is part of the Kukishin ryu Dakentaijutsu (九鬼神流打拳体術) koryu, belonging to the Sabaki gata level.

Yume makura is a part of the syllabus of the Takamatsu den schools of Ninjutsu: Bujinkan, Jinenkan, AKBAN.

Description of Yume-makura no kata - Kukishinden Ryu

Uke attacks with a right Tsuki, left Tsuk] right push kick and right Tsuki.

Tori blocks the first two attacks with Jodan yuke and the kick with gedan yuke. Tori blocks the final Tsuki in Jumonji no kamae (The right hand in front of the left), so that he grabs the elbow with the right hand and the wrist with the left hand.

Tori then turns uke's elbow to the ground and pushes him to his back with his straight arm. Then tori performs Ippon seoe nage on uke's right arm. Uke resists the throw by widening his stance to lower his center of gravity and by stopping tori at his waist with uke's left hand.

Tori then performs Te makura and throws backwards.