Kikaku ken, headbutt

By Yossi Sheriff

Video of Ninjutsu Head butt, Kikaku ken

Video of a Kikaku ken accuracy practice

Kikaku ken, head butt (ראסייה, קיקאקו קן), is a Ninjutsu technique that is used to break an opponent's nose using the element of surprise or to cut his forehead or brow (being the first strike of the fight)- it is very practical during grappling.

Description of Kikaku ken - head butt

To perform this technique properly the weight of the entire body must be put into the strike. One option is holding the opponent Gi or the back of his neck, The body gains momentum by leaning forward and pushing itself with the toes. The strike hits the opponent with the top of the forehead.
This strike is very quick but it's range is short. It is only due to its quickness that it is can surprise. This technique is can also very be useful when fighting on the ground (especially in the "mount" position)

Meta perspectives

This technique incorporates these attributes of Meta Perspectives:

  1. Beginner level of expertise
  2. 1st Timing
  3. 3rd Timing