Gedan sokugyaku geri, front push kick to hip, Ninjutsu

By Yossi Sheriff

Gedan sokugyaku geri, (בעיטת דחיפה לירך) Heel push kick to the hip, is a ninjutsu technique meant to break the posture of an opponent.

Video of front push kick to hip

Points to notice

The knee of the kicking leg must rise to the chest (the same way as the push kick) while the body remains in balance and not does raise the heel of foot of the other leg. The pelvis must move forward with the kicking leg, giving it the force required.

This kick has to be accurate and quick in order to break an opponent's posture as an opponent who's anticipated the kick could possibly protect himself against it. The kick is best used when hitting the hip from the front.

Meta perspectives

This technique incorporates these attributes of Meta Perspectives:

  1. Beginner level of expertise