The AKBAN desert gathering

For us, the desert is both classroom and sanctuary. It strips away modern comforts, demanding resilience, self-reliance, and giving an unparalleled sense of freedom.

We navigate without GPS, each step guided by map reading skills, experience and deliberation. Our annual AKBAN desert gathering isn't just physical exertion; it's an event that is difficult to explain.

In small, 4-5 people teams, on foot only, carrying all our food, water and equipment in backpacks we navigate for days, only to meet in a predetermined coordinates, spar, go to sleep, and at sunrise spread again, in different paths, leaving no traces.

Amidst the Negev desert's rugged beauty, we find clarity and connection—both with nature and each other. The experience leaves an indelible mark, enriching our lives long after we've returned to urban comforts.

Images from desert gatherings

smiling faces with desert rainbow
Heavy load on the way to AKBAN Desert gathering
Ambush for friends in AKBAN desert gathering
Preparing for a second day of navigating in AKBAN desert gathering
Under the rock roof in AKBAN desert gathering
Drinking some tea in pouring rain in AKBAn Desert gathering
Bouldering with a sword in AKBAN desert gathering
Night stop in a cave in the cliffs in AKBAN desert gathering
Standup in the middle of the desert in the AKBAN desert gathring
Watching the sunset in AKBAN desert gathering
After the AKBAN desert gathering