Ura shuto, Reverse blade of hand strike - Ninjutsu

By Yossi Sheriff

Ura shuto (אורה שטו) an oposite direction blade of hand strike, is an important part of Gyokku ryu in Ninjutsu. Combined with a diagonal backward jump, is an important kata that embodies the hidden code of attacking and running. Another variant is Omote shuto.

Video of Ura shuto

Video of Ura shuto from Shizentai no kamae

Video of Ura shuto and naname ushiro sabaki

Video of double ura shuto with punch mitts

Description of Ura shuto

Ura shuto is using the same attack form as Omote shuto. The main change is the way the rear hand is attacking. In omote shuto, the hand is attacking the same side of the neck (facing each other), but in ura shuto, the attack goes to the opposite side of the neck or face. Yet, however, the attack is still using the inner part of the hand ( see image for correct positioning of the hand).

Image of Ura shuto


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