Sukui Nage - Scoop throw

By Yossi Sheriff

Video of Sukui nage in Ninjutsu

Video of Sukui nage in Ninjutsu

Sukui nage (סוקואי נגה) is a Judo & Ninjutsu throw that is classified as a hand throwing technique.

Sukui-nage is done by grabbing your opponent around his legs from the side with both hands, taking your opponent off balance and using a lifting motion to drop him backward. Another way to do sukui nage is by putting one hand between the opponent's legs and holding his hip, scoping up and throwing him. Similar techniques in slightly different variations can also be used.

The techniques of 1st variation are originally used in the old style of koryu Jujitsu and Kodokan categorizes it as Sukui-nage, but we hardly see these techniques used in randori practice these days.

This may be because the style has changed from the defensive Jujitsu stance to Kodokan Judo, which is based on dynamic stance. Probably because of this, it is difficult for you to go behind Uke and grab both legs. But, in contrast to 1st variation, techniques of 2nd variation and 3rd variation are widely used in randori practice even nowadays.

Before Kodokan Waza Study Group Department discussed and studied these techniques, people called it Te-uchi-mata or Te-guruma or Butsudan-gaeshi or Kin-tsukami, etc. On October 1955, Kodokan officially named this technique as Sukui-nage.

Description of Sukui nage – 1st variation

Hold the opponent's body from the side by using both hands and holding the opponent's thighs scoop him up and drop (Sukui-nage).

You and Uke hold each other in right stance.

You step back in three steps: right, left, right, then stop to make your opponent off balance to his front by pulling. At this time, you take a left defensive stance and pull down the opponent's body with both hands. When you pull, he steps forward left, right, left to keep his balance. To resist your pull, opponent tries to pull back to regain his stance. At this moment, reduce your strength of pull, and your opponent will step his left foot back to straighten up. A moment before the opponent's move, drop your body and step in with your right foot to the outside of the opponent's right foot. At the same time, slide in your left hand along the opponent's stomach. Then, using the right foot as a shaft, you turn your body to your right to place yourself behind The opponent's body. Stepping your left foot behind the opponent's heel, drop your hip and hold the opponent's left thigh with your left hand. Releasing the right hand grip, you hold the opponent's right thigh. You raise your body; pull the opponent's body with both hands to make him off balance to his back. At this time, put your left front hip against the opponent's right buttock (place the opponent's buttock onto your left thigh). Push his hip out, bend backward and scoop up the opponent's legs with both hands, twist his body to the left and drop him down backward. This is the most commonly used basic Sukui-nage techniques from the old era. There is a similar technique to this Sukui-nage.

Description of Sukui nage – 2nd variation

You use the same movement as 1st variation going behind ghe opponent's back, stepping in his left foot behind the opponent's heel closely, holding the opponent's body close (at this time your left hand is stretched under the opponent's armpit deeply and pushes up) and sacrifice your own body backward to throw Uke down. The concept of this Sukui nage variation (sacrificing your body backward) is the same as Yoko-sutemi waza. Therefore, this is not Sukui-nage but is known as Tani-otoshi.

Examples of using Sukui nage – 2nd variation in randori

From the opponent's Harai-goshi to Sukui-nage

1. When Uke tries Haraigoshi, he steps his right foot in front of your feet and turns his body half way to the left. At that moment, you move (like 1st variation) by going behind the opponent's body and holding his thighs, then, scoop up and drop. When Uke steps in front of you as previously stated, it is the best opportunity to execute this technique. You need good timing to catch this chance.

2. When you and your opponent struggle for grip, You push The opponent's hands upward and execute Sukui-nage. When you hold up the opponent's wrists and wait for the chance to attack, Uke tries to push you back by stepping his right forward. At this moment, you push the opponent's hands upward causing him to float and lose his balance. Then, step your right foot behind his, hold his legs and (as in 1st variation) scoop up and drop. If the opponent resists too hard when you picks him up, you sometimes scoop him and throw forward.

Another variation of Sukui-nage

As you are scooping up the opponent's body, you turn your body to your right, put him on your left hip and throw. Since this technique is based on (scooping up) motions, Kodokan Waza Study Group Department segregated this as Sukui-nage.

Description of Sukui nage –3rd variation

You stick his right hand between the opponent's legs from the front to hold the opponent's body and scoop up for Sukui-nage Hold each other in right stance, step back right foot to bring your opponent forward to unbalance. Opponent steps his left foot forward to stop and tries to step back his left foot to regain original balanced position. The moment Uke steps back his left foot; you drop your hip, step in with left foot deeply and take left defensive stance. With close body contact to the opponent's right side, stick right hand between the opponent's legs from the front and hold his hip. You then pull his left hand down and scoop up the opponent's lower body with right hand to throw him down backward