Keto kata, Shoden gata level - Koto ryu

By Yossi Sheriff

Video of Keto no kata - Koto ryu

How to do Keto

Video of Henka of Keto no kata

Keto (掛倒), (קטו נו קאטה), is a Kata that is a part of the Koto Ryu koryu in Ninjutsu. It belongs to the Shoden level.

Description of Keto No kata

Uke holds tori's shirt or lapel with both hands. Tori steps back with his right leg, hits with the knuckles of his little fingers the inside of uke's forearm, hits with the elbows the inside of uke's elbows, hits with the knuckles of his thumbs uke's temples, and finishes with a right push kick to the chest.