Aruki, walking step movement in combat

By Yossi Sheriff

Video of forward step, Mae aruki

Video of diagonal backward step, Naname ushiro aruki

Video of diagonal jumping backward step, Naname ushiro tobi aruki

Video tutorial of Mae aruki setting up a crescent kick

Video tutorial of front step setting up front kick

Video tutorial of using backward step in combat

Video tutorial of punching forward with Mae aruki

Video tutorial of using yoko aruki against combat version of Koku kata

Video tutorial of front jump step setting up flying cross

Aruki (טכניקות הליכת קרב, ארוקי - נינג'יטסו) is an important Sabaki of the kihon happo in the martial art of Ninjutsu. Aruki, whether it is sideways, forward or backward refers to a combat special walking step that keeps the same side directed toward the opponent.

Lessons that included this Ninjutsu technique