Intro to AKBAN Fitness

This fitness program is unique; here's why. Of course, we've got all usual credentials: running half-marathons with heavy backpacks, enduring grueling sparring sessions and sure, some of our veterans are Physical therapists, Medical Doctors etc. but this is not why it's distinct.

- This fitness program is unique because we are average people who learned how to be extremely fit. We've been at it for years, and we offer the data of our training regime freely, so you can use it too.

The AKBAN fitness program is one of the most gradual fitness programs in the world, it's slow, it's measured, and we have been honing it to be gradual for more than twenty years.

We train hard, but most of us are just regular people, not Olympic medalists, we had to learn how to get into top-shape and stay there for many years. We did not start as fitness experts; we turned into ones because we had to. In our martial art fitness is our safety envelope.

The slow and superb results you get if you follow our fitness program are necessary. We do not allow ourselves any injuries.

Constant abilities are needed not only for annual occasions like the "dreaded 24" but for something much more grueling—our twice-a-week sparring and training.

Get a thorough physical examination by a doctor, have your instructor tailor the program for you, and start today, it's that easy, even we succeeded: