Hosetsu kata, Shoden Gata level, Kukishin Ryu

By Yossi Sheriff

Hosetsu no kata, (崩雪), (Avalanche), (Hōsetsu), (הוסטסו) is a Kata of the Kukishin ryu koryu, It belongs to the Shoden gata level in the Takamatsu den Ninjutsu schools.

Video of Hosetsu no kata (Jinenkan version)

Description of Bujinkan Hosetsu

Both in Seigan no kamae Uke attacks with a right Tsuki, left Tsuki, right push kick and comes down with a right Tsuki.

Tori defends accordingly with Jodan yuke, but in the last block, he blocks with the right hand on the uke's elbow.

Tori then performs Gosha Dori. Uke moves back, straightens his arm and escapes from the arm lock.

Tori then grabs uke's wrist with his right hand, hits with a left Ura Shuto to the ribs and performs Gyaku Zeoi (Zeoi without loading on the shoulder, just with oppositional pressure points in the hands), throws uke and continues to apply pressure on the floor.

Basic techniques used

This kata uses the following techniques:

  1. Seigan no Kamae
  2. Tsuki
  3. Push kick
  4. Jodan Yuke
  5. Seoe

Meta perspectives

This technique incorporates these attributes of Meta Perspectives:

  1. 2nd Timing,
  2. Low level of violence