Shrimp and regurad escape - from side control

By Yossi Sheriff
Side control
To mount
by stepping over
by sliding the knee
To knee on stomach
by sliding the knee
by push up
Shrimp and regurad
Shrimp and to knees

Background Shrimp and reguard escape - from side control

This ground fighting technique is part of the syllabus of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Budo Ninjutsu. This is one of the basic escapes from side control. The goal is to reach guard.

Description of Shrimp and reguard escape - from side control

  1. Your opponent has side control and his right hand is not blocking your right hip. If the right hand is blocking your right hip then this escape is not preferred since it is much harder to create the needed space.
  2. Raise pelvis in a dynamic motion that also pushes your opponent away from you.
  3. Once the hip is high enough, create space by quickly dropping your hip and contracting your body like a ball, lying sideways, making your right elbow almost touch your right knee.
  4. While laying on the side, use your grip (or post left leg) as base and slide your right knee so that it blocks your opponents hips. The right knee should now separate between you and your opponent.
  5. Wrap your left leg around him and aim to obtain full guard by wrapping your right leg too, otherwise try to obtain at least half guard.

The crux of the technique is creating space (item 3 above): the emphasis is to drop your body as quickly as possible and reach the elbow-knee connection faster than your opponent can adjust his position.

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Facts about Shrimp and regurad escape - from side control

This technique is part of Budo Ninjutsu Grade requirements syllabus Yellow belt grade requirements and Orange belt grade requirements.