By Yossi Sheriff

Practice (פרקטיס) is an AKBAN Zen term depicting an aware, body-dependent actions done over many years. These actions are done in a coherent system for a goal that transcends simple needs.

Practice, in Ninjutsu, and in other Zen influenced martial arts, necessitates a repetitive action to establish a stable habit of awareness.

An "aware action" done in a special cultural environment is a sub set of "Practice" and is called art. The "Practice" art demands a recipient or recipients that are one of the goals of the artistic tradition.

Dō (道) is a subset of "Practice" in martial arts at which the recipient in non other then the practitioner him or herself.

"Practice", as a defining container for the martial arts, is not connected solely to the confrontation with others. Other disciplines that are founded on actions and body participation such as carpentry, gardening, skateboarding etc. share much of the basic intent of these kind of actions.

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