Ninjutsu combat stances - Kamae

By Yossi Sheriff

Kamae (構え) In Ninjutsu, (עמידות לחימה, קמאה - נינג'יטסו), are the stances used in combat, martial practice and daily life.

The Kamae in Ninjutsu are a body positions that have many facets of utility. On the most basic level of learning, the stances help with distancing, protection, orientation and gaze. The Ninjutsu kamae add another facet to the practice by referring to attention, breath patterns and emotional attitude as determined by body position.

In the Methodical pyramid the kamae belong to the first technical level, the kihon.

Video of the mental importance of Kamae in AKBAN Ninjutsu

Video tutorial - The major Ninjutsu Kamae and kata

This is an explanation of kata and kamae starts each and every session in AKBAN starts with these kata.

Video - Kamae and kata at the beginning of lesson

This collection of select kata and kamae starts each and every session in AKBAN starts with these kata.

Image gallery of Ninjutsu Kamae

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Fudoza, sitting combat stance
Fudoza no Kamae - Ninjutsu  
Bobi no kamae low stance Ninjutsu
Bobi no Kamae - Ninjutsu  
Jumonji no kamae, crossed handes combat stance
Jumonji no kamae - Ninjutsu  
Doko ichi mon ji no kamae, angry tiger stance
Doko ichimonji no Kamae - Ninjutsu  
Hanin no kamae Ninjutsu
Hanin no Kamae - Ninjutsu  
Hicho no kamae, bird combat stance
Hicho no kamae - Ninjutsu  
Hira ichimon ji no kamae
Hira ichimonji no Kamae - Ninjutsu  
Hoko no kamae Ninjutsu
Hoko no Kamae - Ninjutsu  
Ichimonji no kamae
Ichimonji No kamae - Ninjutsu  
Kosei no kamae
Kosei no Kamae - Ninjutsu  
Seigan no kamae Ninjutsu
Seigan no Kamae - Ninjutsu  
seza no kamae, bird combat stance
Seza No kamae- Ninjutsu  
hira no kamae
Hira no Kamae - Ninjutsu  
Hira no kamae Ninjutsu
Shizentai No kamae- Ninjutsu  
Shizentai no kamae
Bobi No kamae - Ninjutsu  
Bobi no kamae, defense combat stance
Totoku No kamae- Ninjutsu  

List of all the Kamae in AKBAN wiki

Kunai - Tento stances

Video list of the Kamae in AKBAN wiki

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