Hicho no kamae, bird stance - Ninjutsu

By Yossi Sheriff
Hicho No Kamae - Ninjutsu stance
Hicho No Kamae - Ninjutsu stance

Video of Kihon happo of Hicho

Hicho no kamae against an opponent

Hicho no kamae (飛鳥之構), (היצ'ו נו קמאה), (Bird stance), is a Ninjutsu stance used for defence and attack. It is mainly used in Hicho no kata, a gyoku ryu kata.

In this pose the leading leg is raised to avoid sweeping or toppling attacks and to prepare defensive kicks. The balance is maintained by slightly flexing the ground leg knee. Both arms in protective positions from which it's possible to grab, block or strike.you must remain in proper distance from your opponent and not get closer and wait for his attack.

Hicho is the name of an important empty hand kata and stance originating in Gyoku ryu koryu.

The Hicho no kamae is a stance used in a variety of combat situations. The front hand is held high in order to lure the opponent to make a body shot. When the opponent attacks to the middle the front hand blocks in a downward motion followed by an immediate attack with the front leg opening the defences and lowering the opponent's concentration. The front step and Shuto To the face are aimed to knock down the opponent.

Description of Hicho no kata and kamae

uke in ichi monji no kamae and tori in hicho no kamae. uke attacks with a tsuki, tori blocks with gedan yuke then kicks uke with mae geri in the ribs with his left leg and attacks with a right ura shuto.

Meta perspectives

This technique incorporates these attributes of Meta Perspectives:

  1. 3rd Timing
  2. 6th Timing
  3. Medium level of violence