Jumonji no kamae, cross fighting stance,- Ninjutsu

By Yossi Sheriff

Image of Jumonji no kamae

Jumonji no Kamae
Jumonji no kamae

Jumonji kata against an opponent

Video of first ki gata of Jumonji

Video of the Jumonji 2nd moto gata in Kihon happo

Jumonji no Kamae (ג'ומונג'י) is a Kamae and a Gyokko Ryu kata that involves a low level of violence and short distancing.

Description of Jumonji stance

Both arms are crossed at the wrists to protect the body during advancing attacks. The elbows cover the rib cage and the fists cover the neck and face. The body weight is maintained with a slightly forward balance and the feet push the body solidly in the attacking direction. The basic foot alignment is a natural, shoulder width, stance but the Jumonji can be combined with any leg alignment. Hand variation is either slightly extending the thumbs or folding the hands together.

Description of Jumonj in kihon happo

Tori from jumonji no kamae, uke attacks with right tsuki, tori blocks with uchi jodan yuke, attacks with boshi to uke's ribs and finishes with raising his hand towards the opponents eyes, ending like in kosei no kamae.

Meta perspectives

This technique incorporates these attributes of Meta Perspectives:

  1. 1st Timing,
  2. 2nd Timing
  3. Low level of violence
  4. Medium level of violence