Mounting by sliding the knee

By Yossi Sheriff
Side control
To mount
by stepping over
by sliding the knee
To knee on stomach
by sliding the knee
by push up
Shrimp and regurad
Shrimp and to knees

Background Mounting by sliding the knee

This is the basic technique for obtaining mount position from side control.

Description of Mounting by sliding the knee

  1. The first step is to obtain a tight chest to chest side control. The left hand controls your opponents neck and the right arm establishes an underhook on his left arm.
  2. Squeeze your shoulders together to obtain a tight side control, pressing your shoulder on his neck and walk with your right hand upwards towards his head. This will cause his left arm to go far away from his hips, which means he will not be able to block your knee in the mount attempt. Once his left arm is immobilized you can grab both your hand and arm together to secure the position.
  3. Now carefully slide your right knee on your opponents lower stomach, use your left leg to keep balance.
  4. Once the right knee hits the mat, then quickly kick all the foot over to obtain full mount. This dynamic moves is done so that your opponent will not be able to trap your leg and obtain half guard.

Video of Mounting by sliding the knee