Front punch, jab, Ninjutsu

By Yossi Sheriff

Video of Jab in Ninjutsu

Video of the Jab

Jab (ג'אב נינג'יטסו) is the Western Boxing term for a straight punch with the front fist. It is done at the same way in many martial sports and martial arts, Ninjutsu included.

Description of the Jab punch

The jab punch is used by the weaker hand (which is the front hand in a fighting stance- left hand for right handed people & right hand for left the handed).
The punch is used to measure distance from your opponent, used in combination with other punches/kicks and to disrupt an opponent while he's on the offensive. The punch is very quick and therefore not particularly powerful but could stun an opponent with the right timing and be the opener of a set of strikes. Since the punch moves in a linear route to the enemy and is never outside the opponent's field of vision it can be easily blocked or dodged by a quick opponent. Because of this good timing is very important in this technique.

Note that the punch has no reach or real force without moving the pelvis along with the motion of the punch. The jab of course is not a 'face only strike' and can be used as a body shot.

Training for the front jab and Ninjutsu cross in sequence

Meta perspectives

This technique incorporates these attributes of Meta Perspectives:

  1. Beginner level of expertise