Tani otoshi - Valley drop

By Yossi Sheriff

Tani otoshi (טני אוטושי) is a Ninjutsu and a Judo throw that is classified as a sacrifice throwing technique.

Video of Tani otoshi, Ninjutsu

Video of Ninjutsu Tani otoshi against Muai Thai half clinch

Video of Tani otoshi in Judo

The knowledge and expertise of the above video are the courtesy of Yoel Libster.

Description of Tani otoshi

To perform the throw correctly the user of the technique takes a few steps backwards- after which he takes a step forward to the side of the opponent (right leg moves to the opponent's right and vice versa).

Next- the user turns to the opponent (while keeping the stepping leg in its place), drops to the floor, places his leg behind the opponent's ankles (the closer the leg is to the opponent's ankles- the better) and pull him backwards and downwards. The user's leg becomes an obstacle on which the opponent trips over.

Meta perspectives

This technique incorporates these attributes of Meta Perspectives:

  1. Advanced level of expertise
  2. Low level of violence
  3. Medium level of violence
  4. High level of violence