Renyo kata, Jo Ryaku no Maki level - Gyokko ryu

By Yossi Sheriff

Video of Renyo no kata

Video of Upper angle of Renyo kata

Video side angle of Renyo no kata

Video of Renyo against collar tie

Renyo, (輦輿). (רניו קאטה - גיוקו ריו - נינג'יטסו|), (imperial palanquin) is a kata from Gyokko ryu.

In this kata Tori is reacting to Uke's strikes using blocks and evasive maneuvers. Tori only takes the initiative once the distance from Uke is very short. Then, he uses the opportunity to strike quickly and decisively -not allowing Uke time to react- throwing him to the ground while still holding his wrist in a lock- creating a big advantage for himself.

Description of Renyo no kata

  1. Uke attacks Tori with an arrow step tsuki followed by a push kick of the same side.
  2. Tori evades the tsuki by stepping backwards and sideways (sabaki) and blocking the tsuki with his forearm (jodan).
  3. To evade Uke's push kick- Tori evades sideways, towards the same side of the kicking leg- and as Uke's leg is still in the air- #Tori kicks it in the back of the thigh.
  4. Uke try to grab Tori`s Gi with the hand of the same side as the first tsuki and push kick- to counter.
  5. Tori turns his torso to evade the punch and holds Uke's punching hand.
  6. Tori' performs an ura- shuto to Uke's jaw, turns his torso to perform an ura- gyaku on the hand he was holding- which causes Uke to bend forward to relieve some of the pressure on the wrist. Next, Tori converts the ura- gyaku into an omote- gyaku and as he rises, he kicks Uke's chest with a mawashi kick.
  7. Before the kicking leg comes down to the ground- Tori kicks Uke's heel from its rear- which coupled with the omote- gyaku- would cause Uke to drop to the ground.