Sokugyaku geri - heel kick

By Yossi Sheriff

Heel push kick, Sokugyaku geri (בעיטת דחיפה), is a Ninjutsu kick to the chest.
The kick is used to create space to the opponent and is a very powerful weapon when used correctly.

Video of Heel push kick to the chest

Improving Ninjutsu push kick flexibility

The kick is designed to hit an opponent standing in front. The kick can be separated to 2 different parts: The main focus points are to raise the knee to your chest while maintaining the other foot on the ground. In addition, the foot of the kicking leg should hit your opponent with its heel. Moving the leg is not enough though, the entire pelvis must push as well and that is where the true source of this kick's power. When done properly the kick is accomplished in one swift motion and upon impact leaves the opponent completely winded.
In Japan, this technique was sometimes used against an armored enemy, hitting through the armor.

Practice drill for push kick, Sokugyaku geri

List of techniques that use a Sokugyaku geri - heel kick

 Uses Push kick
Kasumigake no kata, Chuden Gata level, Kukishin Ryu

Meta perspectives

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  1. Beginner level of expertise

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  1. 4th Timing