Koku kata, Jo Ryaku no Maki level - Gyokko ryu

By Yossi Sheriff

Koku (虚空), (קוקו נו קאטה - גיוקו ריו - נינג'יטסו), (Void), is an an important Gyokko Ryu kata that deals with distance and place.

Description of Koku no kata

Uke attacks with a right Tsuki, left Sokugyaku geri - heel kick, right Tsuki, right Push kick and a right Tsuki. Tori blocks the first Tsuki with Jodan yuke and the first kick with Gedan yuke. In the second Tsuki, tori blocks with Jodan yuke and then hits uke's right arm with a right Shuto, while moving with a left and forward Tai sabaki. At this point, uke has just attacked with the second kick, to which tori reacts by attacking with a left kick to the back of the thigh of uke's kicking leg. Tori then finishes with a left punch to uke's right ribs, which is at the point when uke attacks with the last Tsuki.

Video of Koku 2nd henka

Video of applied Koku no kata in randori