Te makura

By Yossi Sheriff

Te makura, (טה מקורה) literally 'pillow hand' in Japanese, is an elbow arm lock that uses a sacrifice throw to leverage the weight against the limb.

Video of Te makura

Description of Te makura

By pulling the opponents arm, straightening it at the elbow to the front of the face and making it parallel to the ground the defender can wrap his arm around it. The defender further strengthens his grip by grabbing the back of his own head with the same arm, pillow-like. The defender then falls to the ground on his back taking with him the opponent.

Image of te Makura

Te makura

Ninjutsu lessons with Te makura

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Meta perspectives

This technique incorporates these attributes of Meta Perspectives:

  1. Intermediate level of expertise
  2. Low level of violence
  3. Medium level of violence