Housen kata, Chu Ryaku no Maki level - Gyokko ryu

By Yossi Sheriff

Video of Housen kata

Housen, (蜂先), (bee sting), (hosen), (הוסן) is a kata from the middle level of Gyokku ryu. This kata belongs to syllabus of the Takamatzu den Ninjutsu kata.

Description of Housen no kata

First Uke makes a slashing attack with his sword- from right to left. Tori evades the attack by stepping sideways- trying to stay as low as possible. Next, Tori kicks the hand holding the sword as he rises up and punches Uke in the ribs with both hands. The punches are very powerful and are meant to come downwards so Uke will drop to the ground. Therefore the force of the entire body has to be put into these strikes. Once on the ground- Tori jumps on top of Uke, strikes his face, rolls forwards and when he completes the roll he turns and positions himself in a low ichimonji no kamae, facing the Uke.