Oyayubi jime - Gi choke with thumbs

By Yossi Sheriff

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Oyayubi jime - Gi choke with thumbs, (חניקת אגודלים, אויאיובי ג'ימה) is a choke on the carotids (blood choke hold) performed either standing or in guard at ground fighting. This choke is a part of the syllabus of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Ninjutsu. A front choke with thumbs pressing the carotid arteries. It may even be more effective on the ground as the opponent will find it more difficult to strike the user or manoeuvre to resist it.

Description of Oyayubi jime - Gi choke with thumbs

The user of the technique grabs his opponent by the collar with both hands. His hands grab the collar relatively in its back side. The hands grab the collar while raising his elbows so that the user's fingers will point towards himself. Next- the user lowers his elbows while turning his fists (while still holding the opponent's collar) so that his thumbs press against the opponent's arteries.