Forward break fall, Mae ukemi - Ninjutsu

By Yossi Sheriff

Video of a forward break fall - Mae ukemi

Video of the Zenpo (mae ukemi)

Mae ukemi (מאה אוקמי) or Zenpo Ukemi, is the name of a froward break fall in Ninjutsu.

This falling block is designed to stop momentum when falling to the front and when the fall is brought with big force with no place to roll. The block is accomplished with two forearms flat on the ground fingers and palms slightly facing each other and one of the legs lifted and curved back.

The block is designed prevent damage to the face and head and in order to stop the momentum of the fall- the arms have to hit the ground with power rather than wait for them to impact with the ground. The palms hit the ground a split second before the arms thus enabling the elbow extensors to dissipate the energy of the fall.

This technique is part of Ninjutsu Grade requirements syllabus Yellow belt grade requirements, Orange belt grade requirements, Green belt grade requirements and of Black Belt grade requirements