Tsukomi Jime - Front tracheal choke - Ninjutsu

By Yossi Sheriff

Video of trachea break and chock, Tsukomi jime - Ninjutsu

Video of Ninjutsu Thrust chock, Tsukomi jime from guard

Video close up of Tsukomi Jime - Front tracheal choke, standing up

Tsukomi Jime (טסוקומי ג'ימה) is a front tracheal choke done either from standing position or from the guard by pressing the carotid arteries and the trachea with knuckles.

This choke hold uses pressure on the trachea and therefore is mainly an air choke. It doesn't require a lot of preparation or precise positioning and is more effective on the ground- where the opponent has less room to maneuver. This choke can permanently damage the trachea and should therefor be used only in dire self defense situation.

Description of Thrust chock, Tsukomi jime

Using the resistance offered by the opposite side of the lapel, Uke pushes the front of the fist into the trachea of the opponent. This choke hold is achieved by crossing hands, sliding them up the opponent's lapels and holding them tightly (right hand to opponent's right lapel and vice versa).

Next, one hand turns while holding the lapel thus creating a fist and presses against the opponent's trachea. The other hand pulls the second lapel to the hand's same side (right hand pulls right)- creating counter pressure so the opponent will not be pushed back by the choking hand.

Attention, this choke can jeopardize the integrity of the trachea. Only apply moderate pressure.

This technique is part of Ninjutsu Grade requirements syllabus Yellow belt grade requirements, Orange belt grade requirements, Green belt grade requirements and of Black Belt grade requirements