Scissor sweep

By Yossi Sheriff

Scissor sweep is a basic sweep from the guard aimed at pushing the opponent on his side and obtaining [[::Category:Attack from Mount|mount]]. It can also be used as a setup for many other techniques. This technique forms a part of the syllabus of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Budo Ninjutsu.

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Description of Scissor sweep

  1. The grip: your right hand holds your opponents left sleeve using a four finger grip - this will prevent him from posting his hand and stopping the sweep. Your left hand holds your opponents left collar - this will allow you to pull him towards you, an essential part of the sweep.
  2. The setup: open your guard and post left leg. Using your left leg as base, turn sideways and push to form distance between you and your opponent. while your body is still sideways, slide your left shin diagonally on your opponents body so that your leg hooks his hip and your knee presses his chest. Slide your right leg on the mat to block his left side.
  3. The sweep: Use your left hand to pull him forward. Once his weight is not on his knees, perform a scissor move with your legs: left leg pushes and right leg pulls.
  4. Follow the sweep rolling sideways and end in mount position.
  • In some cases your opponent may resist your pull and will keep a good base. In such a case this sweep will be very hard to execute. But since you control his left sleeve and his body is far from his arm, this opens several attacks on his left arm.

Video of Scissor sweep


קישור לסוויפ מספריים, סיסור סוויפ This technique is part of Budo Ninjutsu Grade requirements syllabus Yellow belt grade requirements, Orange belt grade requirements

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