Happa, simultaneous two side strikes - Ninjutsu

By Yossi Sheriff

Video of Happa using the palms

Video of a kata using simultaneous two hand strikes with koppo ken

Happa (八葉拳), (הפה קן), is the name of any double hand strike in Ninjutsu, usually simultaneous two hand strike. When this strike is used with an open hand, it is usually aimed at the ears. The strike can tear the ear drums of the opponent thus causing him to lose balance and sometimes consciousness.

Description of Happa

Simultaneously Uke is hitting the opponent with both hands. The palms create sudden pressure and tear the eardrums. Or the knuckles hit a pressure point.

Image of Happa

Happa, hitting with the palm

Meta perspectives

This technique incorporates these attributes of Meta Perspectives:

  1. Beginner level of expertise