Sokuho kaiten - rolling to the side

By Yossi Sheriff

Video of Sokoho kaiten landing in a crouch position, Ninjutsu

Video of Yoko Kaiten landing on both feet, Ninjutsu

Video of a simple side roll

Video - How to learn the basic Ninjutsu rolls?

Sokoho kaiten or Yoko Kaiten (סוקוהו קייטן) is a Ninjutsu roll used when there isn't sufficient space or time to roll, turn to the side and perform the regular roll forward.

Description of the sideroll technique

The roll is performed on the shoulder of the same side of the direction of the roll. When getting up one of the legs can stay bent, even though it's better to land on the soles of both feet. Care must be taken in order not to loose sight of the opponent during and after the roll.

most common henkas to the roll:

  1. Basic - going down on a low squat("frog stance") and while keeping the sight forward rolling to the side. mostly done with a training partner in a parallel position.
  2. Intermediate - from hira no kamae, keeping the sight forward and rolling to theside.
  3. Advanced - dive roll to the side

Another type of a side roll is an henka of the back roll. while reverting the body to the side, getting one leg forward and dropping to a kuho kaiten(since it's a backwards roll to the side, it makes it a side roll).