By Yossi Sheriff

Uppercut is a punch that is very powerful but close ranged that moves from below to hit either the chin or diaphragm.

It is used in combination with other punches or alone when the range is short. When an uppercut lands accurately it is a knock out punch. Unlike most punches the uppercut can be hard hitting at extremely close range. It has the additional advantage of usually being outside of the opponent's field of vision.

Video 1 of the Uppercut

Video 2 of the Uppercut

Video 3 of the Uppercut

Description of the Uppercut

When using the punch it is important to let the shoulder snap along with the motion of the hand. The whole body gives the punch its power, the knees bend and move to help the upward motion. When using it at a close range it is important to turn the entire body when hitting- giving it real force. The chin must be tucked in at the beginning of the movement and the other hand must protect the face.

List of techniques that use Uppercut

Meta perspectives

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