AKBAN Honbu Dojo - Combat Oriented Ninjutsu

AKBAN (光番) is a martial arts institution established in 1986, with seasoned veterans teaching across multiple countries.

We focus on learning Ninjutsu and using emotion regulation, conflict management tools and fitness for decades.

AKBAN has systematically recorded and documented Ninjutsu techniques. These efforts have made some impact, accumulating in more than 110 million views

  1. Ninjutsu course syllabus
  2. Spiritual strength and Emotion regulation
  3. Family defense and security
  4. Structured planning for teachers
  5. Over 11,000 techniques in 1,500 videos

Video of the knowledge structure in AKBAN

Our approach enables:

  1. Resilient communities
  2. Decades-long fitness
  3. Realistic full-contact training
  4. Family defense and security

Instructors have the autonomy to teach, contributing to both the technical and humane aspects of AKBAN.

The two phoenixes on our kamon (ancient Japanese crest) symbolize the harmony of opposites: tradition and innovation, activity and meditation.

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