Doko ichimonji no kamae, angry tiger stance - Ninjutsu

By Yossi Sheriff

Video of 1st henka from Doko no kamae

Video of 2nd henka from Doko no kamae

Video of using Doko Ichimonji while evading and striking

Doko no kamae (怒虎の構), (דוקו איצ'ימונג'י) is a wide stance that is used in Togakure ryu and Kukishin Ryu systems in Ninjutsu.

Description of Doko no kamae

In this posture 60% of the weight is on the rear leg, the leading leg is holding the body upright. The extended arm keeps safety distance from the enemy, and the other is ready to attack the enemy. Both hands are ready to intercept the attacker's advance.

This Kamae has many uses in a multiple opponents' scenarios.

This posture also fits a battle situation where one or both opponents wear a heavy armor or backpack, Yoroi kumiuchi. When the ground is uneven and a fall is to be avoided at all costs this is one of the most useful postures.

Image of Doko no kamae

Doko no kamae