Itai Sheriff Emotion Regulation Course

This Program is named after Itai, whose memory holds pain and sadness, but reminds me of the importance of resilience, humor and fighting spirit. This program is one of the three paths we walk in AKBAN, right alongside Ninjutsu and fitness.

a modern day warrior integrating emotion regulation, fitness and ninjutsu

If you want to, you can go on to the first short lesson, the principles of emotion regulation.

Part of the AKBAN emotion regulation technology
Real time data (Voice anlysis, skin temp. HR

What Sets AKBAN's Program Apart?

Way before I conducted my first workshop at the American Consulate in Jerusalem back in 2012, I've been a martial arts instructor, I still am. This experience, even after numerous workshops and academic years, remains the cornerstone of why our program works. In martial arts, the focus is always on tangible, measurable results. Self-defense isn't just a theory to be lectured about; it's a skill honed through experience, constant evaluation, and relentless refinement. It's about assessing precision, self-control, determination, and resilience. I've always paid close attention, recognizing that while some grasp concepts effortlessly, others require more guidance and practice.

Throughout my teaching, I've pondered deeply: What strategies does a child employ when facing a challenge on the mat? How do we conquer fear? How does one bounce back from a stinging defeat and returns to the dojo the day after? What are the tactics employed by those who excel in emotional regulation? How can we quantify this data? But most crucially, how do we teach readiness without breeding pathologic anxiety?

The program I've developed, with help from Guy Renan, Danny Hershkovitz, Michael Keren, and Professor Hagai Bergman, harnesses all the physiological data current technology allows us to measure. Marketed under the 'Detant' banner, these courses are a fusion of advanced technology and practical application. From monitoring heart rate, temperature, and skin conductivity to analyzing emotional stress in real-time through speech, eye movements, facial expressions, and more. The real challenge was transforming a tech-heavy course, designed for security and institutional clients, into an accessible online format. This ongoing project, which I embarked on in July 2023, is just the beginning of a larger journey.

Michael Keren boots a part of the Biofeedback technology at the beginning of Detant emotion regulation workshop
Preparing the system before a workshop

In a such chaotic world, the steady hand of self-regulation is key for navigating daily challenges and difficult situations. AKBAN's course merges grassroots practicality with technology to offer the skills in a few levels. I opened the basic levels to you, pro bono.

Course Objectives:

  1. Science: Grasp the physiology of emotions and methods for effective management.
  2. Physical Calmness Techniques: Master breathing, posture, and movement for emotional balance.
  3. Conflict Management: Learn to defuse conflicts and handle extreme circumstances.
  4. Mindfulness: Cultivate focus and presence for improved emotional and physical health.
  5. Resilience: Discover strategies to increase mental toughness.
  6. Self defense Context: Apply these principles in confrontations to enhance problem-solving.
  7. Family Safety: Acquire tips for family safety and emotional well-being.
  8. Advanced Techniques: Study sophisticated methods like biofeedback and visualization for emotional control.
  9. Community: Recognize the role of a supportive community in emotional well-being.
  10. Ethics: Examine the ethical aspects of emotion regulation in conflict situations.

Completing, even the basic levels, provide a robust toolkit for emotional and physical regulation, enabling resilience and fortitude.

Continue to the first lesson, the principles of the Itai Sheriff emotion regulation program.
Soldiers learning readiness while practicing wide field of vision
Practicing full field of vision technique for combat readiness and deescalation