Combat Mindfulness - The Itai Sheriff Course

This program is dedicated to the memory of Itai Sheriff, whose resilience, humor, and fighting spirit continue to inspire me. Combat Mindfulness is one of the three pillars of AKBAN, alongside Ninjutsu and fitness.

Soldiers learning readiness while practicing wide field of vision
Practicing full field of vision technique for infantry commanders

The AKBAN Approach to Combat Mindfulness

As a martial arts instructor since long before I conducted my first workshop at the American Consulate in Jerusalem in 2012, I've always emphasized tangible, measurable results. Just as self-defense is a skill honed through experience, constant evaluation, and refinement, so too is the mastery of our inner world. It's about measuring precision, self-control, determination, and resilience, recognizing that within human parameters, each path is unique.

I've often pondered: What strategies does a child employ when facing a challenge on the mat? How do we conquer fear? How does one bounce back from a defeat and return to fight another day? What are the tactics employed by those who excel in emotional regulation? How can we quantify this data? And crucially, how do we cultivate readiness without breeding pathological anxiety?

The Combat Mindfulness course, developed with Professor Hagai Bergman, Michael Keren and the advice of Guy Renan and Danny Hershkovitz, harnesses our cutting-edge technology to measure inner mastery data. Marketed under the 'Detant' banner, these courses merge advanced technology with practical application, monitoring heart rate, temperature, skin conductivity, and analyzing emotional stress in real-time through speech, eye movements, facial expressions, and more.

I worked hard to transform this tech-heavy course, initially designed for security and institutional clients, into an accessible online format. That has been an ongoing project since July 2023 that still continues.

Michael Keren setting up the biofeedback technology before a Detant Combat Mindfulness workshop
Preparing the system before a workshop

In a world often characterized by chaos, a steady hand of self-regulation is key to navigating daily challenges and difficult situations. AKBAN's Combat Mindfulness course combines grassroots practicality with technology to offer these skills at various levels. The basic levels are open to all, pro bono.

Course Objectives:

  1. Science: Understand the physiology of emotions and effective management techniques. Use our tec solutions to get better at it.
  2. Physical Calmness: Master breathing, posture, and movement for emotional balance.
  3. Conflict Management: Learn to verbally and non-verbally defuse conflicts and handle extreme circumstances.
  4. Combat Mindfulness: Cultivate focus and presence for improved emotional and physical well-being.
  5. Resilience: Discover strategies to increase mental toughness.
  6. Self-Defense Context: Apply these principles in confrontations to enhance tactical and strategic problem-solving.
  7. Family Safety: Widen your sphere of balanced influence and Acquire tools for family safety and emotional well-being.
  8. Advanced Techniques: Study sophisticated methods with the help of AI, biofeedback and Visceral Visualization for emotional control.
  9. Community: Recognize the role of a supportive community in emotional well-being.
  10. Ethics: Examine the ethical aspects of emotion regulation in conflict situations.

Even completing the basic levels provides a robust toolkit for emotional and physical regulation, enabling resilience and fortitude. This course is a journey into the heart of what it means to be a warrior – not just in the dojo, but in the arena of life.

Begin your journey with the first lesson on the principles of Combat Mindfulness.

Part of the AKBAN Combat Mindfulness technology
Real-time data: AI Voice analysis, skin temperature, heart rate, GSR