Kimura - Ude garame - from side control

By Yossi Sheriff
Side control
To mount
by stepping over
by sliding the knee
To knee on stomach
by sliding the knee
by push up
Shrimp and regurad
Shrimp and to knees

Kimura is an arm lock intended to dislocate shoulder or radius bone at the elbow. The kimura is variation of Jiu Jitsu Ude garame here done from side control. See this link for a variation from the guard. Kimura - Ude garame - from side control is a part of the syllabus of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Ninjutsu.

Description of Kimura - Ude garame - from side control

  1. The trigger: his left hand is close to the mat.
  2. The setup: use your right hand to pin his left hand to the mat, if possible, far from his body. Slide your left arm beneath his arm and grab your right arm with your left hand. Apply a scissor base change with your legs by thrusting your right knee behind his right shoulder.
  3. The lock: while keeping your weight on him and extending your right leg for extra base, post your left leg on top of his head. This opens enough space to raise your opponent by pulling his left hand towards his armpit.

Video of Kimura - Ude garame - from side control


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