Omote shuto, outer blade of hand strike, Ninjutsu

By Yossi Sheriff

Video of basic Omote shuto

Video of advanced Omote shuto

Shuto, Kitten ken, (אומוטה שטו) or Shto, is a punch preformed with the side of the hand. The opposite same punch, Ura Shuto, is an important Gyokko ryu Kata.

Description of Omote shuto

The attacking hand technique starts from the pose Ichimonji no kamae. The propose of this technique is to attack the neck - carotids or trachea - or the jaw or the clavicle. The rear leg is moving forward in tsuki step and carries the momentum of the whole body into the punch. The rear hand is carried forward and attacks with the side of the hand, the Hypothenar eminence. the palm must be bent and the thumb supports the side of the index finger. Another variant is ura shuto.

Image of Omote shuto, Kiten ken, hand configuration


Training sequence with resistance for Omote shuto

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