Sankaku jime - Triangular choke, standing from behind

By Yossi Sheriff

Video of Sankaku jime - Triangular choke

Video of Sankaku jime - Triangular choke

Sankaku jime - Triangular choke, (חניקה משולשת), is a choke done from the back by pressing the carotid arteries and the trachea. Another name for this choke is Kuzure hadaka jime. Sankaku jime is a part of the syllabus of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Ninjutsu.

This choke hold is very powerful and very useful as it is applied from the opponent's rear - and he can do little to resist it once the hold is complete. In addition to the fact that the user of the technique is very well protected as he is applying the choke from the opponent's back- the hold is very deadly as it is both a blood and air choke hold. This choke can be applied from a variety of positions. On this page the simplest way to achieve it is shown.

Description of Sankaku jime - Triangular choke

To perform this hold the user of the technique turns his opponent by pulling one of his shoulders (right hand pulls opponent's right shoulder and vice versa) so he turns with his back to the user. While the opponent turns the user slides his other hand under the opponent's chin (with the elbow joint directly under the chin).

Next, the user pushes a thumb with his other hand in the opponent's back so he could bend him backwards. When the opponent bends backwards the user slides his other hand over the back of the opponent's neck- creating the triangle.

To apply the pressure the hand of the arm which is under the chin must first hold the other arm above the elbow. The other hand pushes the opponent's head forward.