23 The Hawk Dives - Detant Niradin morning routine

By Yossi Sheriff

The Hawk Dives (נץ צולל) is an advanced technique that combines several Detant tools:

  1. Combining Breath and movement
  2. Slowing the movement
  3. Connecting specific hand and body positions to inner states
  4. Controlling the eyes
  5. Tension release.

All this is done with a mental task that forces us to shift our attention from down to up.

Background of Detant and Niradin

This lesson is a part of the AKBAN Emotion Regulation program. Yossi Sheriff, the AKBAN Academy founder, augments the movement of the Niradin system and the awareness core of Detant. Niradin is a movement system developed by Nir Unger Adin during his decades of learning and teaching in China and India. Emotion Regulation syllabus was developed by Yossi Sheriff, a certified Niradin and Ninjutsu teacher, and teaches system 2 syllabus of regulating emotion and mindfulness through body.

Video of ״The Hawk Dives״ - Detant Niradin technique (Vimeo)

Same video, but in YouTube

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