14 Mudra Primer - Detant Niradin morning routine

By Yossi Sheriff

Mudra Primer ( מודרה למתחילים) introduces us, again, to the concept and practice of the Mudra, that means hand and body positions that are intended to create a specific mental state. We apply the 1,2,3, reset technique in rhythm, using a metronome set to tempo of 74 (4/4). Connecting moves (even if it's just the hands) with breathing and rhythm we enter into a new and advanced syllabus of emotion and mental regulation. This lesson builds upon the skills learned in previous lessons, Temple guard and fluttering butterfly techniques. We also sneak in a check for breathing technique - using voice.

Background of Detant and Niradin

This lesson is a part of the AKBAN Combat Mindfulness program. Yossi Sheriff, the AKBAN Academy founder, augments the movement of the Niradin system and the awareness core of Detant. Niradin is a movement system developed by Nir Unger Adin during his decades of learning and teaching in China and India. Combat Mindfulness syllabus was developed by Yossi Sheriff, a certified Niradin and Ninjutsu teacher, and teaches system 2 syllabus of regulating emotion and mindfulness through body.

Video of Mudra Primer - Detant Niradin technique (Vimeo)

Same video, but in YouTube

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