By Yossi Sheriff

Niradin (倪類風濕性關節炎丁) is a well being system of movement derived from martial arts. The system was founded by Nir Adin Unger Lin (Nir Adin - Nir Adin), (ניר לין), in China in the 1980's. It's precursors were Sifu Alam (德阿拉姆) and Sifu Alam's father Sifu Ting (大師婷).

Description of Niradin

Niradin uses a series of movements that promote change in the body and the awareness of the practitioner. The first series of movement start by slowly rotating and then expanding the rib cage. The increased mobility of the chest and the gentle ventilation of the lungs start a gentle change both in the physical condition of the practitioner and in the awareness.

Sifu Nir Adin Unger Lin

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