04 Gate opener Side Spirals - Detant Niradin morning routine

By Yossi Sheriff

The Gate opener Side Spirals (פתיחת שער ספיראלית לצד) connects the gathering horizontal spiral breathing with waist rotation. This technique can be done either standing or sitting. Using this technique one can refer to the adjacent side energy fields in addition to the frontal one.


This lesson is a part of the AKBAN Combat Mindfulness program. Yossi Sheriff, the AKBAN Academy founder, augments the movement of the Niradin system and the awareness core of Detant. Niradin is a movement system developed by Nir Unger Adin during his decades of learning and teaching in China and India. Combat Mindfulness syllabus was developed by Yossi Sheriff, a certified Niradin and Ninjutsu teacher, and teaches system 2 syllabus of regulating emotion and mindfulness through body.

Video of Spiral Gate opener and sky swimming

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