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By Yossi Sheriff
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Ninjutsu techniques portal (ポータル忍術), is the worlds largest database of Ninjutsu videos of combat oriented, professional Taijutsu techniques, in the Takamatzu den schools: Bujinkan, Jinenkan, Genbukan and AKBAN.

This wiki is part of my slow web attitude. Please, take your time exploring it. Ninjutsu of the Takamatsu den has a huge syllabus, so vast that it is probably the most extensive martial art that I know of.

More then 1500 Ninjutsu techniques are arranged according to Ryuha, type (Joint locks, throws etc.) or level of violence. Moreover, together with our ongoing systematic documentation of Takamatzu den kata, we started documenting, at November 2012, our daily Ninjutsu training lessons from the main AKBAN dojos at Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Ramat Hasharon.

How you can use the AKBAN wiki?

The top of the page are Ninjutsu techniques dissected by type: Joint locks, throws, movement, kicks, etc. Two videos and then a list of links. This is done so that you can glimpse into the category without making this page load hundreds of video thumbnails. Because that's what you have here - more then a thousand, free Ninjutsu techniques. You can also find this in Hebrew - (פורטל נינג'יטסו).

Scroll below and you can watch Ninjutsu Kata of every documented Ryu (e.g. Kukishin ryu techniques). Again, you can dig deeper using the list of the Ninjutsu techniques in the category. At the very bottom you can watch some current combat research from the AKBAN dojos.

A personal note

I took great care to video original material. On this wiki you can see more then a thousand video techniques and more are filmed every week by me. I know, some of the material is rather old and outdated, from the time I just started to document - the video camera I had was basic and my editing skills also. The quality is better now with many videos that are current, concise and, I believe, very helpful for a beginner and advanced practitioners of our art - Ninjutsu.

I am Yossi Sheriff, the AKBAN academy headmaster, a student of Doron Navon Shihan and a Bujinkan shidoshi since 1991, the year I passed my Godan.

I am leading a decades long project of filming and documenting Ninjutsu and martial arts that intersect with my practice. This is a grassroots project, with no business model to finance it. Any criticism and additions will be integrated to the wiki. Please mail me or use our twitter, facebook or youtube to suggest techniques and perspectives

Belt and grade syllabus, from Gokyu to Shodan

  1. Yellow belt, 5th kyu, 五級
  2. Orange belt, 4th Kyu, 四級
  3. Green belt, 3rd Kyu, 三級
  4. Blue belt, 2nd Kyu, 二級
  5. Brown belt, 1st Kyu, 一級
  6. Black belt, 1st Dan, 初段

Recent Training lessons in video from the dojo

Stances, Kamae, 構え

Jumonji no kamae - Ninjutsu  
Hicho no kamae - Ninjutsu  

Joint locks 関節技

Throws, 投げ技

Kicks and punches, 蹴り, 打拳

Tai Sabaki, movement, break-falls and acrobatics

Kata and Techniques by RYU, 型と技

Kukishin Ryu, 九鬼神流

Koto Ryu, 虎倒流

Gyokko Ryu Kosshijutsu, 玉虎流骨指術

General Martial arts seminars in AKBAN

The Hatsumi Taijutsu scrolls

These are Bujinkan Taijutsu learning lists arranged according to the writings of Hatsumi Sensei.