Training week 07, AKBAN Ninjutsu

By Yossi Sheriff

Seventh week of AKBAN Ninjutsu training year

We teach all six Ryu [1]of Takamatsu den by strata of kata. After we covered the base last year and earlier this year, we dive in with the basic tier of Takagi. In the coming week we will repeat all the kata of the base layer in this fighting method. At this point, it should be clearer how Kata such as 'Oykake dori' and 'Iki Chigay' train us to apply not only Detant S1 technique but also Detant B1.

Last week, week 6, I did not have the time to go over all the insights of the kata we learned and so I have not yet videoed the appendix for this week. I hope to photograph the appendix for the sixth and seventh weeks on Thursday. The techniques are sectioned for sitting techniques, Daken and Kansetsu waza techniques—each technique in this level individually is effective, all the techniques together, as a whole, outline unique understanding of movement and combat.

Videos of techniques of 7th week of Tel Aviv and Ramat Hasharon dojos

Attack reaction 360

Pushing from the back drill

Attack surface in Takagi Yoshin Ryu Kata

Sabaki in Takagi Yoshin Ryu Kata

Moving between armlocks and holds in Takagi

Video of Ken Nagare

Video of Oikake dori

Video of Yui gyaku

Video of Yuki chigai

Video of Ransho

Videos of Sitting

Video of Do gaeshi

Video of Hiza guruma

Video of Kyoto

Video of Karame dori

Video of Kasumi dori

Videos of Kansetsu waza

Video of Kata mune dori

Video of Kaygo Kudaki

Video of Ryomonedori

This week we will train with

Daken (standing techniques)

  1. Ken Nagare
  2. Oikake dori
  3. Yui gyaku
  4. Yuki chigai
  5. Ransho


  1. Do gaeshi
  2. Hiza guruma
  3. Kyoto
  4. Karame
  5. Kasumi

Kansetsu waza

  1. Kata mune dori
  2. Kaigo Kudaki
  3. Ryo Mone Dori


  • Physical fitness and preparation with the unique AKBAN fitness program are our safety envelope.
  • The Methodical pyramid is the AKBAN method of designing training to meet modern challenges while preserving the immense Ninjutsu Kata syllabus tradition.
  • This program starts in September 2019 and concludes in August 2020.

General AKBAN background

AKBAN teaches Ninjutsu as a way of life. Way of life means training for decades. This timespan ushers us to learn correct movement, correct attitude and developing and maintaining superb fitness. In addition, we practically learn Emotion Regulation with the inner discipline that grows in training.

List of Ninjutsu training weeks

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