Yoko Aruki

By Yossi Sheriff

Video of yoko aruki principles in sparring

Video of Mae Aruki

Video of ushiro aruki

Video of jumping Aruki

Video of Mikazuki geri with mae aruki

Video of Mae geri with yoko aruki

Video of fudo ken with yoko aruki

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Forward two punch using yoko aruki - Ninjutsu for AKBAN wiki from AKBAN on Vimeo.

Video of yoko aruki in Koku no kata

Video of jumping yoko aruki

Video of training for Yoko aruki with Fudo ken

Yoko aruki (יוקו ארוקי) is a special kind of a step used for walking sideways. The yoko aruki step, also called the Ninja step, can be done while jumping or shuffling into position.

Image of Yoko Aruki hunting in Australia

yoko aruki
Yoko Aruki hunting step

The main advantage of this special Tai sabaki is that it allows a rapid change of the front and back leg position with out changing the forward shoulder orientation.
This technique is part of Ninjutsu Grade requirements syllabus Orange belt grade requirements and of Black Belt grade requirements

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