Training week 04, AKBAN Ninjutsu

By Yossi Sheriff

Fourth week of Ninjutsu training year

In accordance with the Detant principles of movement and Combat Mindfulness in duress, this week we will incorporate falling and Ukemi practice (gradually and cautiously) in slightly more challenging situations towards control in 3F states.

To this Ukemi practice we will add another throw .The Attack Sabaki basics we learned last week, will be joined with the advanced hand work we learned last year (please bring boxing gloves).

We will not neglect the upper levels of our art, the ability to control combat with a low level of violence, and will learn another arm lock.

Videos of techniques of 4th week of Tel Aviv and Ramat Hasharon dojos

Moving from grappling into Ganseki throw into ukemi waza

Training for field of vision tai sabaki

Ushiro aruki flow from Ganseki into Koshi nage

Ushiro Aruki elbow into Tsuki step - how to train

Moving from Kick in Osoto geri drill

Omote Shuto

Koshi Nage

O Gyaku (Teki Otoshi)


  • Physical fitness and preparation with the unique AKBAN fitness program are our safety envelope.
  • The Methodical pyramid is the AKBAN method of designing training to meet modern challenges while preserving the immense Ninjutsu Kata syllabus tradition.
  • This program starts in September 2019 and concludes in August 2020.

General AKBAN background

AKBAN teaches Ninjutsu as a way of life. Way of life means training for decades. This timespan ushers us to learn correct movement, correct attitude and developing and maintaining superb fitness. In addition, we practically learn Combat Mindfulness with the inner discipline that grows in training.

List of Ninjutsu training weeks

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