Green belt, 3rd Kyu syllabus - Ninjutsu

By Yossi Sheriff
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Ninjutsu Grade syllabus
Yellow belt, 5th kyu, 五級
Orange belt, 4th Kyu, 四級
Green belt, 3rd Kyu, 三級
Blue belt, 2nd Kyu, 二級
Brown belt, 1st Kyu, 一級
Black belt, 1st Dan, 初段
Black belt, 2nd Dan, 二段
Black Belt, 3rd Dan, 三段
Black belt, 4th Dan, 四段
Black belt 5th Dan, 五段

Green belt grade syllabus, 三級, 3rd Kyu, in Ninjutsu lists the videos and articles of the Ninjutsu techniques, the martial and physical requirments in the AKBAN martial arts school in Israel. These requirements form the guidelines of each test and are to be added to, but not substracted from by the testers.

The tests in Akban form an important point in the maturation process of the martial arts trainees in Akban. The Average time for learning for the Green belt exams is 2-3 years dojo time. The Green belt (חגורה ירוקה), is an essential mid-term exam that emphasizes explosive strikes and movements.

Fitness - Green belt


Kamae 構, combat stances - Green belt

Daken 打拳体術, striking and punching - Green belt

Geri, Kicks 蹴, Using the legs to strike - Green belt

Kansetsu-waza 関節技, joint locks - Green belt

Sabaki 捌, Movement and evasion - Green belt

Kaiten 廻転, Ukemi 受身, rolls and breakfalls - Green belt

Chokes, 絞技, Shime waza - Green belt

Nage waza 投げ技, throws - Green belt

Weapons - Green belt

Hanbo 半棒, short stick

Tanto 短刀, knife

Attacking from these stances:

Kusari 鎖, chain

Osaekomi-waza 押込技, pins or holds - Green belt

kata 型, forms - Ninjutsu Orange belt