Brown belt, 1st Kyu syllabus - Ninjutsu

By Yossi Sheriff
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Brown belt, 一級, or 1st Kyu, is the final exam before the graduation. The syllabus of this grade lists the techniques that are missing in the Blue and Green belt syllabus and emphasizes advanced Kyokugei skills and dynamic Randori work.

The Brown Belt exam (חגורה חומה), necessitates two examiners, one of them the Academy headmaster.

Ninjutsu Grade syllabus
Yellow belt, 5th kyu, 五級
Orange belt, 4th Kyu, 四級
Green belt, 3rd Kyu, 三級
Blue belt, 2nd Kyu, 二級
Brown belt, 1st Kyu, 一級
Black belt, 1st Dan, 初段
Black belt, 2nd Dan, 二段
Black Belt, 3rd Dan, 三段
Black belt, 4th Dan, 四段
Black belt 5th Dan, 五段

Fitness - Brown belt

Kamae 構, combat stances - Brown belt

Daken 打拳体術, striking and punching - Brown belt

All Daken performed using the first 3 timing routines: Before, After, Simultaneous.

Geri, Kicks 蹴, Using the legs to strike - Brown belt

Kansetsu-waza 関節技, joint locks - Brown belt

Sabaki 捌, Movement and evasion - Brown belt

Kaiten 廻転, Ukemi 受身, rolls and breakfalls - Brown belt

Nage waza 投げ技, throws - Brown belt

kata 型, forms - Ninjutsu Brown belt

Osaekomi-waza 押込技, pins or holds - Brown belt

Randori - Brown belt

  • Tsubute sabaki, evading thrown wooden knives
  • Resisting throws

Okugi shetah for brown belts - Outside

  • To be prescribed by instructor.

Seishin teki kyo yo

General requirements

  • Zan shin and Fudo Shin - during randori.


  • Mondo
  • First, second and third timings