The Independent Training Kernel

Every practitioner needs an Independent Training Kernel—the habit and skill of training solo, without a group or instructor. This isn't just a side gig; it's the backbone of your Budo journey and overall well-being.

Why It Matters: Solo training hones your fitness, strength, speed, flexibility, and martial technique. It frees up group sessions for tackling complex issues, not basic fitness. In AKBAN, we don't waste dojo time on stuff you should be doing at home.

Be Your Own Warrior: Our method isn't about creating obedient students. It's about fostering individuals who choose when to follow and when to lead. That kind of autonomy comes from disciplined solo practice.

Stay Ready: Life happens. Sometimes, group training isn't an option. Your Independent Training Kernel keeps you physically primed and mentally sharp, making it easier to jump back into group sessions when you can.

Deepen Your Skill: Training alone lets you focus inward, fine-tuning your body's movements. This self-awareness pays off, enhancing your technique and adaptability over time.

Start small, stay consistent. Your Independent Training Kernel will not only boost your fitness but also refine your fighting technique. It's a long-term investment with compound interest.

If you want to you can use our 'protocol 30' to gain independent training kernel